Science and humanity department is the backbone of technical education. This department is established in the year 2011. This department offers different subject like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English etc.

Applied Chemistry:

Chemistry is a basic science subject which is essential for all engineering courses.It gives knowlegde of engineering materials, their properties related applications and selection of material for engineering applications. Due to technological progress there are hazardous effects on environment and human life. The core knowlegde of environment effect will bring awareness among students about the precautions and preventions to be taken to reduce the ill effects. This subject will generate curosity of carring out further development in engineering field.

Applied Physics:

The special feature of the subject is to develop the laboratory skills using principals of Scientific Phenomenon. This course will satisfy the entire need of the technical students for his development in technical field. Different topics have been included in the syllabus will develope intellectual skills of the students. The focus of the subject is to develop psychomotor skill.

Applied Mathematics:

Applied mathematics helps students to leatn basic facts, concepts, principal and procedure of mathematics as a tool to analyze engineerimg problem and lay down foundation for understanding the engineering and core technology subjects.

Core Staff:

Sr. No Name Of Faculty
1. Shri.V.K.Dhas(English)
2. Shri. S.S.Thakare(Chemistry)
3. Shri.S.S.Kamble(Physics)
4. Shrimati.D.S.Kaware(Mathematics)
5. Shri.A.A.Joshi(Mathematics)